I simply go by the name Bushfighter, I founded the Sons of Armageddon Motorcycle Club.
I was an unemployed railroad worker with a dream.
After visiting a charity site to drop off donations I noticed there wasn’t much social interaction in just making a donation. I wanted to combine my desire to give, with my love for social activity and community, and my passion for motorcycles into one package.

Thus the Sons of Armageddon were born - Feb 24th 2010




The Sons of Armageddon MC exists to give the common biker the support to ride free and build a brotherhood of friends to share the MC biker experience.


It is the vision of the Sons of Armageddon MC to be at the forefront of lawful motorcycle club movement, as a result of grassroots involvement, expanding membership, and cohesiveness among its members and other motorcycle clubs.

We will be well known for our excellence in community charitable events, education, communication, political action, and strategic planning. We will be a democratic organization with deeply held values and ideals that advance the quality of life for its present and future members and their families.




Can I buy a club membership?

No, We interview and probate all parties involved.

Is there an age requirement? 

Yes. You must be 21 or older to join. 

Do I have to own a Harley?

No, but we do require that you have a 650cc V Twin Cruiser Style or larger equivilant. 

What if I have had a felony conviction, can I join? 

NO!! If you have had any felony convictions, you will NOT be able to join. Every member will be required to provide a background check. Again, we are a 100% law-abiding club! 

Do you have sit downs with other clubs?

We DO NOT do sit downs for saftey and security reasons of our members.

We WILL NOT allow our members to participate in any sit downs.

We will be glad to speak to the clubs in your areas though the phone or email off this webpage.

Our members are STRICTLY PROHIBITED to reveal information about our club.

We do not try to look like or act like motercycle gangs. We are just LAWFUL BIKERS!

Do you wear a state rocker, or a city tab?

No, we claim no terrotory therefore we have no state rockers. nor do we display any city chapter tags on our cut. We proudly display chapter nicknames.

Do you wear a 3 piece cut?

NO, We have a Black and Gunmetal Grey 2 piece cut ie. name (Sons of Armageddon Motorcycle Club) and Logo centerpatch with no MC cube.

NOTE: A traditional 3 piece CUT consists of A NAME, TERRITORY, and LOGO with an MC cube (typically 4 patches sometimes more sometimes less) . We do not have traditional 3 piece cut!

We have a 2 piece cut! No disrespect intended to anyone. We merely want to allieviate any confusion.

Are you a member or do you plan on joining the COC or any other organizations?


Are women allowed to become members? 

Women who want to ride with us are welcome to. They may also join the Sisters as long as their significant other is a fully-patched member. Overall everyone is welcome to share the road with us.

How can I become a member? 

Step 1: Please fill out our interview Application ((Java)Mobile device ready))

Step 2: Once the International office receives word from your president or regional director that you have been approved to probate for 3 to 6 months and or to start a new chapter then we will elevate your membership.

Step 3: Send in all your paperwork.

Step 4: Complete your probation time We will vote on you, and then you will become a full patched Brother!


Thank you for your interest in the Sons of Armageddon Motorcycle Club.


BushFighter - International President